Ezekiel 4-5

The Book of Ezekiel is well known for its bizarre visions. But even more bizarre, at least to those around him, was the behavior of the prophet himself when he was asked by God to act out various prophecies for the people of Israel. These included: going around with his hands bound with ropes, enacting the siege of a toy city, lying on one side for 390 days and the other side for 40 days, baking his bread on cow dung and measuring it before eating, cutting all the hair on his head and dividing it into three equal parts, and digging a hole in a wall and pushing all his belongings through it.

Most of these acted-out prophecies occur in chapters 4 and 5 of Ezekiel and are pictured in two companion collages made in 2009:

Strangely Normal (2′ x 1′)

Normally Strange (2′ x 1′)

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